Walking plants

These were custom robots made for a a one time workshop for high school art students though a program found here. During the workshop we divided roughly 20 students up into 4 groups were each group built a walking robot.

Telepresence Robot

Telepresence has been around for a while, with telerobotics only recently coming into commercial applications. Read more about our DIY version after the jump

Autonomous Robot Race Results



  • Fastest Lap - George with a 20 second time
  • First to cross finish line (all racing at once) - George
  • Endurance (Most Laps) - Niels won with 10+ laps and he most likely could have gone further but we stopped it.
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1Sheeld stuff

I backed the 1Sheeld (yes that's spelled correctly) on kickstarter and it arrived today.  Was very easy to get working, though bluetooth seemed a little unstable with my galaxy S3, but my old S1 worked great.
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Autonomous Bots - Arduino powered

Manager: Derek Seigler
Team: George, and a cast of may others ...
Premise: Take an old RC car that has outlived its usefulness, add an arduino possibly a motor controller, a sensor or two and build an Atonomous vehicle that can navigate a basic track.

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