Tuesday, Jun 30th, 2015

We had a reallly fun time at the Kansas City Maker Faire. I talked with at least 10 people that either live in St. Louis or wanted to send somebody they know to visit us. We had the telepresence robot, The NVidia Jetson robot, the pixy bots, face dectection bot, 3 different LED Matrices, and Diane's Paracord Card or Tab Weaving on display. We just had 1 table although we had requested 2. It was a tight squeeze so we occasionally moved to open areas with the bots. We had steady streams of people throught out each day.

On Saturday Night we went as a group to Char-Bar. We ate some nice although slowly served BBQ before heading over to Hammerspace the for profit Hackerspace in KC. The had a huge shop with Vaccum ports every 3 feet on the work benches with a on off switch as well. They had modified a dead Lithum Ion battery for use with their low voltage system. With that batter installed it was not a portable but a working drill none the less. It could still be cordless with a charged battery but a corded one when that flexiablity was needed. In the clean room area of the shop they had about 6 3d printers available for use. Ultimaker's and Oni were the kinds they had no deltas on hand. They had 6 Laser Cutters - 2 epilog 2 half beams and 2 full beam. The epilogs where roughly the same size as ours maybe a little smaller, The half beam ones were big enough that I could just about lay in them like a single bed and the full beam one was big enough for two of me. My favorite part was the google fiber connection. While they had no open wifi they did however leave a running logged in computer alone in the space in which I quickly jumped onand ran a speedtest. 352.46 Mbps Down and 325.28 Mbps Up Speed was their Google Fibre Speed. There was at least 5 other computer users so they might have been downloading at the time to lower those numbers some.

There where 3 Predators, a Cylon, Iron Man, War Machine, Groot, and a Stan Lee look-a-like walking around the Faire. I saw steam punk, motorized deck chair, power wheels, a powered uni-cycle - Solowheel, an Oxboard - like a Segway without the handle bar, Low-Riders, and a rock wall. There was a Dunk tank that instead of water the shot fire into. It was called the Dunk Tank Flambe'. Click to see Rob's nice Slo-mode video. Here is a video of some of the highlights of the faire in which Arch Reactor demos appear.


Saturday, Jun 27th, 2015

Join us in Kansas City today at the 6th anual KC maker Faire!  We're booth 45, and Griffin 3D printing is across the isle from us.  


Friday, Jun 12th, 2015

Our letter is now mounted at the Science Center!  Guess which one it is...

Image from the Science Center's Facebook page

Monday, Jun 8th, 2015

Ok not really.  We had a server crash and database corruption, an old backup was quickest to restore, we hope to have more soon.

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Tonight we learned about relays, 555 timers, op-amps, diodes in circuits.


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