There are 3 levels of membership of Arch Reactor summarized as follows:

  • Community Member: No dues, can only use public mailing list/forums and visit the public "lounge" area of the space.
  • Supporting Member: Dues are $15 per month, can use the public area lounge, some voting rights, and may have access to private areas/materials when full members are available.
  • Full Member: Dues are $45 per month, can use all areas of the space 24/7, full voting rights.

Please talk to an officer before sending in any payments so that you fully understand what you get for your membership dues.

You can now use our new membership site to register or manage you account at You will immediately have voting rights and access to the space at the level you selected.

You can only sign up as a supporting member, per the bylaws there will be a waiting period and voting process before you can become a full member with full access to the space.