About Us

Welcome to Arch Reactor!

We are a 501c3 Educational Organization

Our space is a private and secure work space where creativity and ingenuity may reach critical levels.  This reaction chamber holds 5000 sq ft of space to share. Within our containment walls holds...

3D Printers, A Laser Cutter, A Vinyl Decal Cutter, Autonomous Robots, A Micro-lathe, A Shop full of tools, saws, benches, A Soldering station, An Electronics Station with scopes, meters and tools, Free Internet Access from a local Mesh Internet Provider, Many Comfy Couches, Giant whiteboard, Lots of hackable toys and devices, Creativity, encouragement and knowledge.

All provided for techies, tinkerers, and free thinkers.

Arch Reactor was founded in 2009 a local pizza joint by a group of friends who liked technology, programming, making, and pizza. Our first decision was to create a donation can to save for our first space. That donation can (and the $7 that started in it) took us from the food court, to a borrowed apartment, to our first space at the Lemp Brewery (which we outgrew in 3 months!) and finally to our current home at the Jefferson Undergound. Now St. Louis' largest hackerspace, Arch Reactor's growing membership continues to bring new skills, projects, equipment, and people to one place.

We fall under the umbrella of the hackerspace and maker movements. While some of our members are involved in the information security industry, you won't have any fear of getting your phone or computer hacked by visiting our space. The hacking we do is creative, not destructive. When we refer to hacking, we mean either the re-purposing or modification of a commercial product, DIY hacking together of a project or just the act of exciting creative work.

From Wikipedia:

"A hackerspace is a community-operated workspace where people with common interests, often in computers, technology, science, digital art or electronic art, can meet, socialise and/or collaborate." "Hackerspaces can be viewed as open community labs incorporating elements of machine shops, workshops and/or studios where hackers can come together to share resources and knowledge to build and make things." "hackerspaces function as centers for peer learning and knowledge sharing, in the form of workshops, presentations, and lectures. They usually also offer social activities for their members, such as game nights and parties. They typically provide space for members to work on their individual projects, or to collaborate on group projects with other members."


Members have keys and 24/7 access to the space, but everyone is always welcome to visit the space when it's open. If you would like to check us out or have a project you would like to bring in to work on, check the calender for scheduled events. Generally, all events are free and open to the public.* We teach the world! Generally, we are open every week on Tuesdays and Sundays from 7pm till the last member leaves. Watch the website front page, our twitter feed (@archreactorSTL), our public mailing list (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/arch-reactor) or join us on our IRC channel (#archreactor on chat.freenode.net) and see Archbot's notifications on when the space is open. If it is, come on out!

* Generally. Occasionally an event will request a donation to help cover costs, or a class may require material fees. Very rarely, there will be a members-only event, but these are few and far between and will be stated clearly on the calendar far in advance.