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Learn to Decorate Pysanky!


Blue Star Decorated Pysanky Egg
Decorated at AR in 2023

Pysanky are Ukrainian Style Decorated Eggs.   Worked on whole, raw* chicken eggs using wax-resist batik methods with vibrant dyes, they are unique and beautiful.  

Please join us at Arch Reactor at one (or more) of our Six Public Workshops in March to learn this beautiful craft. 

Classes begin on Tuesday, March 12 and will conclude on Sunday, March 24.   Reserve your spot here.   You are welcome to register for multiple sessions. 

Please see the link above and/or the Arch Reactor Calendar for more information on Dates and Times.   

As this craft uses hot beeswax melted over live candle flames this is not a craft for small, excitable children, though many children have successfully decorated beautiful eggs.   Any young child decorating will need to be closely supervised and assisted by a parent who is Not decorating, please.

* eggs are decorated raw and whole and are sealed and drained as the last step


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on Friday, March 1st, 2024
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