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Levels of Membership

We love new members, and we'd love to meet you and have you join us! 

There are 3 levels of membership of Arch Reactor:

  • Community Member: No dues, can only use public mailing list/forums and visit the public "lounge" area of the space.  
  • Supporting Member: Dues are $25 per month, can use the public area lounge, some voting rights, and may have access to private areas/materials/tools when full members are available.
  • Full Member: Dues are $50 per month, can use all areas of the space 24/7, full voting rights.

How to become a Community Member or Supporting Member

You can use our main website to register or manage your account at On the lower right side of the main page, click the service provider of your choice to create an account and login.  Otherwise if you don't use any of the service providers listed, you can manually create an account.   Once you're logged in you can click either the Apply for Membership link on the homepage or the one here.  If you set up an online payment with PayPal when you register your account your Supporting Membership will be active immediately.  We strongly encourage you to pay via PayPal.   Payments made via check will show on the website once they have been confirmed by our treasurer.   

Please talk to an officer before sending in any payments so that you fully understand what you get for your membership dues.

How to become a Full Member

We place a lot of trust in Full Members, so we would like to get to know you before granting you all the privileges that accompany full membership.  We encourage you to visit the space and meet our members, take a tour to fully understand what we offer, and discuss the responsibilities of being a full member.   New Member Orientation is typically held at 7pm on the first Tuesday of every month, immediately preceeding our Business Meetings.   You are required to attend this orientation, sign a Liability Waiver, and accept a Membership Agreement prior to receiving your key.    We do encourage all Full Members to commit to at least a full year of membership, as membership dues are integral to our budget planning.  We also ask every full member to commit to volunteering an average of 2-hours per month toward promoting and/or maintaining and/or improving the space.   

Welcome Packet

Questions or Website Difficulties? 

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties with the sign-up process we invite you to visit us in person, particularly on the first Tuesday of the month at a Business Meeting or email