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Lab Equipment

Laser Cutter/ Engraver - 80W laser with a cut size of ~10"x20" bed


Lulzbot TAZ 3 - __ mm x __ mm x __ mm heated bed                      Griffin 3D - __ mm Dia x __ mm                                    Boot - __ mm Dia x __ mm heated bed             


Sewing Machines

Elna home sewing machine 

PDF icon elna_elnasuper_62c_manual.pdf

AR Elna Sewing Machine
AR Sewing Machine - Elna


Singer industrial sewing machine - capable of sewing 1/2" of leather 





Six E555 Thinkpad Laptops (Link) and six Sparki robots (Link) for teaching programming. Bought with a generous grant from Boeing Employee Community Fund.


"Dirty" Shop Equipment

Wood Shop

6" Jointer

12" Thickness Sander

5 Micron Dust Collector

Router Table

Combination Sander

Scroll Saw


Shapoko CNC Router - 12"x12" cutter bed - Capable of cutting wood, aluminum, and brass

Not Shown - 6 Dremel Rotery Tools, 6 Dremel Viberating Tools, Multiple Hand Drills, Sanders, and Clamps

Metal / Hot Shop

Pottery Kiln - capable of doing cone 10

Abrasive Chop Saw

Range - For powder coating

Blacksmithing equipment (post vise not shown)

Foundry and Casting Equipment - 7# Crucible - Capable of casting aluminum and bronze


Left - Lincoln Stick Welder

Center - Everlast DC TIG Welder

Right - Miller Wire Feed Welder

Glass Annealing Oven - Programmable to 2200 F