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Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

CeeKay Gas Supply – Fill Dewer with Liquid Nitrogen (@$40)

NEED: Liquid Nitrogen, heavy whipping cream, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, can opener, Mixer with Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl and Ice Cream Scoop.  for Serving:  Bowls & Spoons  



Vanilla ICE CREAM (avg 8-10 servings of 1.25 scoops) :

1 16oz Heavy Whipping Cream Container

1 Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk

1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract

  1. Mix well in Mixer on Medium 2. Stop Mixer and add 2 Cups of Liquid Nitrogen 3.  Start Mixer on Medium-Low 4.  If not completely frozen, repeat steps 2 & 3. Until ideal Consistency is achieved.  *approximately 2 Cups at a time; pouring from dewer is not accurate to measure

Other Flavors like Strawberry, Chocolate, or Lucky Charms (fruit loops)

Just add into the Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe:

1 Cup of Strawberries (Muddled or food processor/blender)

½ cup of chocolate powder mix

1 Cup of Cereal

Sorbet: Strawberries, Simple Syrup (equal sugar to water) and Liquid Nitrogen


All based on 2020 Fire and Ice DEMO BOOTH by Kim Stahl

If you use this recipe, please Instagram or Facebook credit @ArchReactorSTL  



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this is a rough draft brain dump, feel free to add to it, including adding more software methods.  I'll clean it up later

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Basic Project: Cutting Board



Saw Stop (table saw)



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Cardweaving, or Tablet Weaving, is an ancient craft by which people wove the narrow bands and straps needed in everyday life.   

Woven Blue Flame
blue flame

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My idea was to create a customizable robot that adults and kids could drive at events and demonstrations. I created a 3D printed base in which motors, batteries, motor controllers, and receivers could be inserted. Then a LEGO base plate could be glued onto the front of the base. Each part inside has a JST connector so that it can quickly be changed out for another part without soldering wires. 

Overview of the Raspberry Pi Intro Classes.

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We built a web enabled microscope around the new Raspberry pi 3!

These robots are built around the Pixy computer vision sensor. This vision sensor is low cost for under 100 dollars. The sensor tracks color hues at a whopping 50 frames per second.  If you’re interested, you can find more information about Pixy at their wiki page.

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