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How to build a pallet pool to hold 2,804 pounds of water!


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Liquid Nirtrogen Ice Cream Reciepe we commonly use at events!

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this is a rough draft brain dump, feel free to add to it, including adding more software methods.  I'll clean it up later

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Basic Project: Cutting Board



Saw Stop (table saw)



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Cardweaving, or Tablet Weaving, is an ancient craft by which people wove the narrow bands and straps needed in everyday life.   

Woven Blue Flame
blue flame

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My idea was to create a customizable robot that adults and kids could drive at events and demonstrations. I created a 3D printed base in which motors, batteries, motor controllers, and receivers could be inserted. Then a LEGO base plate could be glued onto the front of the base. Each part inside has a JST connector so that it can quickly be changed out for another part without soldering wires. 

Overview of the Raspberry Pi Intro Classes.

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We built a web enabled microscope around the new Raspberry pi 3!


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