Arch Reactor Resources

Diagram of Arch Reactor's spaceOur space is a private and secure work space where creativity and ingenuity may reach critical levels.  This reaction chamber holds 5000 sq ft of space to share. Within our containment walls holds a lounge and media space; a fabrication corner with 3D printers, laser cutter and vinyl cutter all ready to bring ideas to the real world; an electronics lab with a soldering station; an assembly area with member storage where we gather to collaborate on our ideas; arcade game machines of endless entertainment; and a workshop fully equiped with all the tools that just don't fit in a one bedroom apartment.  At the core of the space is the community, who are constantly working and improving on our space - with your help we can do even more!

Hacking Area

The hacking area features table space for your projects and most of the tools for work on electronics and clean other clean projects. The storage shelves contain donated parts and electronics for salvaging parts, as well as labeled spaces for our members to store their own parts, tools, and projects. Around the communal hacking tables there are a variety of tools. There is a solder station holding a Weller temp controlled iron with fume fan, filter and adjustable arm, There is also an electronics work bench with small tools and a selection of common replacement parts, a few member maintained 3D printers, a 80W laser cutter (upgraded from 40W!), and a vinyl cutter.

Meeting and Class Space

Our Lounge seats around 20, but often packs in many more. We have 128 square feed of white board and a ceiling mounted projector. There is also a presenters computer and a DVD player hooked up to the projector and sound system. This space is used for our monthly meetings, movie nights, classes, presentations, and flash talks.

Social Area

Stepping through the front door lands you in our multi purpose socail area. There is a fridge and a bar for when we host parties and potlucks and a table for setting it all out on. There are also some refurbished arcade cabinets, a MAME cabinet, and metal DDR pads.


Many of us urbanites don't have garages to tinker in, which is why we have a fully featured shop in our space, including saws, vices, grinders, tools, micro-lathe, drill press, and all the fun toys we need to create. We currently have a wood shop, and plans are in the work to set up a metal shop now that we have more space!