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We built a web enabled microscope around the new Raspberry pi 3!

These robots are built around the Pixy computer vision sensor. This vision sensor is low cost for under 100 dollars. The sensor tracks color hues at a whopping 50 frames per second.  If you’re interested, you can find more information about Pixy at their wiki page.

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These were custom robots made for a a one time workshop for high school art students though a program found here. During the workshop we divided roughly 20 students up into 4 groups were each group built a walking robot.

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Arch Reactor has shown/demonstrated decorating Pysanky/Ukrainian Eggs at several events including the Kansas City Maker Faire, Mastadon Faire Family Day, and the Saint Louis Science Center Bright Ideas Expo.   Watch the Arch Reactor calendar the month prior to Easter every year as we host annual in-house Egg-Days!
Blue Star Pysanky Egg - Decorated in 2023
Blue Star Pysanky Egg - Decorated in 2023


We offer free classes/decorating-sessions every spring, often in March.   

Dates for 2024 are:

March 10 - Noon - 5pm - Private Event

March 10 - 7pm - 10pm - AR Members and Guests (as space allows) 

March 12 - 7pm - 10pm

March 14 - 6:30pm - 10pm

March 16 - noon - 4pm

March 19 - 7pm - 10pm

March 23 - Noon - 4pm 

March 24 - 6:30pm - 10pm


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Notes on working with the Intel Edison

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Telepresence has been around for a while, with telerobotics only recently coming into commercial applications. Read more about our DIY version after the jump Read more...

Using the Laser cutters...

Arch Reactor's two laser cutters can engrave images and can cut out shapes.   It's not at all uncommon to perform both tasks, though some material that can be engraved cannot be cut by the laser.    Document preparation is key, as is selecting the proper power and speed settings.   Please be prepared to ask for assistance and please TEST!   

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Documenting my adventures with the ESP8266 wifi module.  

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