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Pysanky Eggs

Arch Reactor has shown/demonstrated decorating Pysanky/Ukrainian Eggs at several events including the Kansas City Maker Faire, Mastadon Faire Family Day, and the Saint Louis Science Center Bright Ideas Expo.   Watch the Arch Reactor calendar the month prior to Easter every year as we host annual in-house Egg-Days!
Blue Star Pysanky Egg - Decorated in 2023
Blue Star Pysanky Egg - Decorated in 2023


We offer free classes/decorating-sessions every spring, often in March.   

Dates for 2024 are:

March 10 - Noon - 5pm - Private Event

March 10 - 7pm - 10pm - AR Members and Guests (as space allows) 

March 12 - 7pm - 10pm

March 14 - 6:30pm - 10pm

March 16 - noon - 4pm

March 19 - 7pm - 10pm

March 23 - Noon - 4pm 

March 24 - 6:30pm - 10pm


AR Egg-Day(s) Info:

Pysanky are decorated using whole, raw chicken eggs and hot beeswax melted over candle flames.   This is not a craft for small, exciteable children, though many children have successfully decorated beautiful eggs.   Any child decorating will need to be closely supervised and assisted by a parent who is not decorating, please.   

Safety will be paramount as we are using live flames in this craft.   

Tickets to open Decorating Sessions are available for purchase.  All supplies necessary to decorate will be supplied.     

It takes most beginners approximately 3 hours to complete one Pysanka but there is a lot of "waiting" time so it's often possible to compete two eggs in approximately 4 hours.  During AR Egg-Days, people are welcome to make multiple eggs and/or may work on egg(s) over multiple sessions, but please be sure to complete your eggs by the end of the last day.     

The times listed are when an "instructor" will be on-site but the supplies will be available whenever Arch Reactor is open during the posted date-range.


Interested in learning more about decorating Pysanky?   Check out the Powerpoint presenatation (or PDF version) below!



Powerpoint:     Office presentation iconPYSANKY.ppt                      PDF:   PDF iconPYSANKY.pdf


Photo Galleries of Arch Reactor Eggs can be found here:  

 2015 Eggs:  

2017 Eggs:

2018 Eggs:

2019 Eggs:

2022 Eggs:

2023 Eggs:


A Few Good Eggs (Mostly "first" eggs by new artists!):













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