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Volunteer FAQ

Q:  What are my volunteer requirements as a full member?

A:  The requirements for volunteer time have been codified in the "Arch Reactor Standing Rules" document and was approved by a majority vote of Arch Reactors full members.  Currently, the requirement is stated as follows:

Section 4.a.ii -
"A full member must perform an average of 2 hours per month of volunteer service for Arch Reactor over a rolling 12 month period;"

Section 4.a.iv -
"When a full member's eligibility expires he or she must forfeit their access to the space and all property of Arch Reactor to the Sergeant at Arms."

The Arch Reactor Standing Rules can be found in it's entirety at

Q:  What is the deadline for having my volunteer hours submitted?

A:  Since we started tracking volunteer hours at the start of April 2017, the Board of Directors has decided to stick with an "April to April" schedule at this time.  Therefor the current deadline is April 1st

Q:  How do I submit volunteer hours?

A:  Simply send an email to "".  In the body of the email, simply list the tasks you worked on and the amount of time spent on each.  Your hours will be briefly reviewed and then your recorded volunteer hours will be updated.

Alternatively, you may also submit your volunteer hours using the sign-in tablet found near the main entrance to the space.

You may view your current volunteer hours by logging into and selecting "Volunteer Hours" under the "MEMBERS" tab.

Q:  Do specific jobs or task have to be pre-approved to be counted towards my volunteer hours?

A:  Not really.  We are trying to keep things as open ended as possible.  The overall goal here is to make Arch Reactor a better community for everyone, and allow everyone to contribute however they can.  The general rule of thumb is: If it in some way benefits Arch Reactor, it probably counts.

If you are still unsure if something you helped counts, submit the time anyway.  Odds are it will be accepted.  Worse case scenario is someone may ask you how what you did is beneficial to Arch Reactor, but at least the board knows you are making an effort.

Q:  What happens if I don't meet the volunteer requirements of full membership?

A:  If for some reason a member does't meet the annual 24 hours of volunteer time, then membership status will no longer be considered in "Good Standing".  The result of which will mean that electronic key access to the space will be disabled until the member is once again in good standing.

If a full member is in danger of falling out of good standing within the next 30 days, that member will receive an email alert so action can be taken to avoid losing access to the space.

Q:  Will I be able to regain access to the space if my membership has fallen out of good standing due to not meeting the volunteer requirements?

A:  Absolutely.  Simply show up when the space is open for events and offer to help out.  Or if you are unable to make a specific event, contact the Sergeant at Arms to see if there is anything else you can help out with.

Once you have fulfilled the required volunteer hours, your membership status will again be in good standing.

Q:  What kinds of activities would be considered "volunteering"?

A:  The general rule of thumb is: If it in some way benefits Arch Reactor, it probably counts.  That means there is no definitive list, but the options are endless.

If you need some suggestions, here is an incomplete list of things you can do:

  • Fill a volunteer staff position
  • Helping build-out the space
  • Help clean the space.  Except if it's your own mess of course.  Cleaning up after yourself is just expected.
  • Participate in public outreach events such as First Friday, Fire and Ice, and the Murmuration Festival
  • Teaaching a class.
  • Research and/or write a grant for Arch Reactor.