Jitsi Tips

Online Meetings

We are using Jitsi https://jitsi.org/ for our online meetings. It is a free open source video conferencing platform. It may take some time to get used to online meetings but be paitent it will get better.
The link to the meeting should be on the meetup.com page and in the Calendar.
  • Create a free account at gravatar https://en.gravatar.com/ - This will give you an avartar in the meeting
  • Arrive 10 min early if this is your first meeting. You will need to make sure your video and sound work.
  • Setup your profile in the settings. (menu with 3 vertical dots on lower right corner, then click "Settings", then "Profile") This will make sure your name shows up correctly.
  • Keep yourself muted if your not talking. This cuts back on background noise in the meeting. Don't forget to unmute when you want to talk.
  • Use head phones or earbuds. Don't use external speakers. They cause feedback.
  • If your connection is slow turn your video quality down or off. You can set this under "Manage Video Quality" in the settings menu.
  • Chat, Screenshare and Hand Raising buttons are in the lower right corner of the screen