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Posted on Sunday, Aug 14th, 2022

As the STL's First HackerSpace / MakerSpace, We want to invite our neighbors, area businesses, community memebers, and their family's to come visit our space and see what's possible.


We'll have Fairy Floss (Cotten Candy) First introduced in St. louis at the 1904 Worlds Fair.  Hotdogs to Roast and tea to Drink, which were also 1904 introductions.  Yard Games to Play, Tours of our space, and of Course Liquid Nitrogen ice Cream. 

Posted on Monday, Jul 11th, 2022

Iris, Diamonds, and Butterfly Cardweaving samples
Cardweaving Pattern Choices

Please Join us at Arch Reactor by 7pm on Tuesday, July 12 to learn about the ancient art of Cardweaving and create your own narrow band suitable for a bookmark or friendship bracelet.    Choose from one of three patterns, in order of difficulty::   Iris Flowers (fairly easy), Diamonds (average complexity), or Butterflies (a lttle tricky and time-consuming to set up, but fairly easy to weave)?    Arrive early to choose your colors from the available selection!     

This is a hands-on workshop and young children will Need help from their grown-up.   First-come/first-served, max class size of 12, please.

Posted on Monday, Jun 20th, 2022

On Saturday, June 18, Arch Reactor participated in the Red Bull Soapbox Derby in Des Moines, Iowa!    

We're still waiting for the official videos to be posted somewhere, and we didn't win an award, but We Made The News!

Congratulations to the Entire Team for a Great Entry!!!   We're entering again next year, right?!?!


AR's Soapbox Derby Entry mid-course
Flying Down the Course!

Posted on Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

Posted on Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

Hey Folks,

We had a Crazy month at AR in April, and to top it off we were accepted as an entrant into the RedBull Soapbox Derby in Iowa

You will find pictures of many of the things and events we have attend in the last month here :
Check them out and see what you missed :)

And if you would like to visit, we have alot of Open to the public events.. This Month we are holding

Open Build Nights : Sunday's - May 15 / 22 / 29

  • These are Nights when we have someone at the space from 7-10pm to give tours or talk about AR. They are also a general open time when members come in to work on projects and/or collaborate.

Tue 05/10 : 7pm - 9pm <Open to Public>

  • Diane will be in house ready to talk about and teach folks about the AR lasers and how they work, along with some tips and tricks to get the best use out of them.

Fri 05/13 : 7pm - 9pm <Open to Public>

  • Derek is Hosting a CNC meetup event, where everyone works together and learns together. No-one is an expert, and Failures are a learning process, but we ahve a good time and walk out better at it than went we came in the door. this month we are focusing on 3d Relief carving.

Sat 05/14 : 1pm - 3pm <Open to Public>

  • Josh and Craig host a Local ROBOMO meetup. ROBOMO is a club for people of all ages and experience levels who are interested in amateur robotics, electronics, and even a bit of amateur radio.

Tue 05/17 : 7pm - 9pm <Open to Public>

  • Craig is Hosting a space Improvement night. On the docket is moving a few Camera locations and possibly some Concrete work (Weather Permitting) . We invite anyone that wants to come out and get some hands on learning, All skill levels are welcome, and for members this would count towards your Volunteer hours.

Wed 05/18 : 6pm <MUST be pre-registered>

  • Kim Stahl is Hosting an Intro to Blacksmithing Class. Please see the Blacksmithing channel in our Discord for additional information and questions.

Tue 05/24 : 7pm - 9pm <Open to Public>

  • Derek is hosting a session in how to re-saw logs for use on the Lathe as Blanks and as dimensional lumber. Possible options for "fast" drying the wood as well as other uses for the lumber.

Friday 05/27 : 7pm - 9pm <Open to Public>

  • Member Hosted 3d Printing Meet-up. Whether you're interested in printing for art, prototyping, manufacturing, or just fixing dishwasher soap lids, this is a meetup group where you can come get answers to your questions, help people new to the hobby, and show off your printer and its creations. If you have a printer, bring it along, working or not, we would love to see and learn about it

Saturday 05/28 : 12pm - 11:30pm <registered but free event>

  • Our monthly Boardgame day starting at Noon and running until at least Midnight. More info here coming soon.

Tue 05/31 : 7pm - 9pm <Open to Public>

  • Intro To... Metal Casting --- We will have the the Foundry out and be Melting down a bunch of scrap into a more Storable shape for Future use. we will cover the basics of the process as well

Come Check us out. Full Calendar here :


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