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The Arch Reactor buildout is a group effort, and we are always eager for people to help out, either by showing up for an organized buildout day (see calendar and messageboard) or by taking the lead in any project that is lagging behind. If you have any questions, Myles and Niels have so far organized most of the buildout. Please check the list below for projects!


We have permits for HVAC, Electrical, and Building. They are in manila envelops on the glass block door

Here are some files for guidance:

Electrical Plan Zigzag lines are MC flex and straight lines are conduit. Blue lines are near/on the ceiling, and purple lines are on the wall. See the list below for current jobs that can be worked on.

Wall Plan This is the plan that was submitted for the building permit. See the list below for current jobs that can be worked on.

Networking Plan This is a plan for future network drops and cameras to be installed.

Full AutoCAD File If you use AutoCAD, you can download the working file that Niels is constantly updating. The link also allows for some basic online viewing of the file.

Here is a list of projects that anyone can pick up to improve the space:

If you have a project you would like to add or need to update an existing project, click here