November 2nd, 2010 Meeting

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Meeting Agenda

Meeting commenced at 8:04

The Foodening is a success. Taylor cooks if we buy


  • New PR Director
  • December Schedule
  • Updates on upcoming workshops
  • Board
  • Video blog

Officer reports


Vice President

Fridge has been stocked. Awesome. More than just leftovers from the potluck. Keep it up.


Anonymous Audio. Need Guest Co-Host.


Height of full membership is 28 members in June. Dropped about one or two per month. October we are at about 24 full members. July we had 15 supporting. October we are down to 6 supporting members.

Still hovering at the break even point. A few more members and we'll be comfortably over the limit.

We will have gas available. Need to setup an account. That would be an additional expense.

Sargent at Arms

Recycling Bin is only for bottles and cans. Eventually we’ll add another for paper and cardboard.

Thanks for keeping the place clean, especially after the pot luck. Reminder we can't leave open food because we'll get mice. That goes for the garbage as well.

Need to pull window AC units out of the window. Perhaps put the plastic back up.

Old work material. Please finish your projects or get them out of the way.

Suggest swapping the materials shelf with the big shelf.

Suggested scheduling that with a recycling event. Laclede is having one this Sunday.

Director Reports


Website not being used as much as had hoped. Going to disable the user generated content features and limits it to the webmasters and the board. New theme, more simplified. Need a “Previous posts” link.

PR and Fundraising

Taylor was voted in as our new director. Now known as Glorious International Relations Liason (GIRL).

Christmas party. Potluck went well. Would like to do it before Christmas. Secret Santa or some kind of gift exchange.

Ideas for other events: Mix drink potluck. Possible Christmas burlesque. Elf movie night. Fundraising hike in spring or a health drive. Build and donate ornament for Etsy store.

Fundraiser - Stacy was working with the Gateway Burners. Date is set for Jan 22. Kerr Foundation building in the city. Theme is Fire and Ice. Chili cook off and ice cream. Silent auction. Voluteers needed to work the doors, the bar, donations to auction. Ongoing photo slideshow. Just going to be AR and the Gateway Burners. Banana Bike Brigade opted out. Profit will be divided evening between the groups by committee.

More outreach to the schools. Prepare actual presentations. Display board and photos. David works with a lot of school organizations and can help getting in contact.

Etsy store. Want to get it up and running. If you want to sell, let the PR director know.

Possible Arch Reactor field trip - Movie or something? Megamind?

Any New Years ideas?

New goal, make our presence known.


Python class on Sunday.

Social Affairs

Other Buisness

2600 Meeting

Arduino Class

Programming Class

Art Reactor

Other Discussions

Video blog: Robert wants us to do a video blog and wants to offer his video services for animation and such. Provide input on the public list.

Upcoming Workshops and Events - MySQL class. 2600 Meeting. Python class is at 7. Harry Potter marathon. Corset workshop. Pellet Pistols on the 11th. Black Friday.

Lego Contest. No kits. Hacks, yes. Use imagination. No glue. Printing your own LEGOs allowed. Standard snap together building blocks allowed. No Mindstorms.

December Calendar: 7th - Buisness meeting 17th - Tron Night. Theater to be determined. 14th – Original Tron movie night 21st - Christmas party. 28th - Game Night 11th - LAN and General Party

Christian and Mark - They have a company called Innovations and Art. They actually have a huge workshop. 3D printers. Mills. They may have an old dusty laser cutter they want to give to us. Mentioned doing events. Mold making and casting. (combined with ryans suggetion).

Nov 15 and 22 Joe and Stache will open for workshop nights. 7:30

Conlcuded at 9:19

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