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Welcome! This is Arch Reactor, a space in St. Louis for artistic, technical, and educational pursuits.

If you want to read more about us, you'll have to make do with what's already here on the wiki and what you can find in the forums. We're still working on both the space and our website. But one day, all this will be ours! You just wait.

For now, here's some starting materials:

  • Arch Reactor Bylaws -- Peace and harmony. These rules help us attain them.
  • Member Profiles, by Interests and Skills -- Our member pages list interests and skills to help you find your tutor. Or your student.
  • Projects -- This is what we're here for. See what other people are up to, or add your own.
  • Meeting Agendas/Minutes -- Official records of our history.
  • Space Concepts -- Come here to discuss the space itself, and how we'll put it together.
  • Rules and Policies -- Rules and policies for the use of the space and workshop areas.
  • Category:Wishlists -- Various wishlists
  • Category:Stubs -- Articles that could use your help. Try not to touch the stuff that belongs to the admins. ;-)
  • Category:Hacks -- stuff you can do to make things better than they are, well well as some dirty little secrets about them.

You can find everything else by looking at All Pages.

Recruitment Fliers

Feel free to post these wherever you think geeks might see them:

Flier Exterior: [1]

Flier Interior: [2]

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