2010 March 23 - General Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Agenda

Commenced at 8:21

Officer reports


Status update on the new space. Emailing back and forth with John our future landlord. He's willing to work with us. Was shooting for $500 for the first few months. He's not keen on that but we settled on a $650 a month.

He's putting in $1800 for a 50 foot wall, which builds us a space for a bathroom. He will install a bathroom in November which is another $1800. Having electricity installed will run about $2500 which, after looking around, isn't unreasonable given the situation. Basically because St. Louis sucks when it comes to permits for construction. He'll leave our wall empty while we run our own cabling. We'll need an actual electrician to put in our box. We will have 2x 100 amp service run to the box. We'll start using the 100 and add the second if we need it in the future. Then John will close up the wall. To pass inspection in November, building code requires HVAC. We'll have to make arrangements to have him put that in. He would like to see the floor scraped in epoxy, but it definitely needs paint or something. He'll also install a new door.

We'll be signing a 2 year lease at $650 a month. Plus $75 a month for electricity and space utilities. To compare, Polar Breeze wanted $750 in building fees on top of the rent.

The door will be a standard 36” size steal security door.

Will consider asking to add double doors to our shared wall with the space that is currently empty, we might eventually expand into.

To sign the lease, $650 is needed up front deposit, and $650 for the first months rent. Lease is being written up and sent to the President. Then we need to decide when to start moving. Probably partway through April. The current place we have until the end of April. Jimmy still doesn't know yet.

We have a parking lot at the new space.

The next place will give us a much more professional look.

Vice President

Nothing to report


Nothing to report


Pay your dues. We aren't doing great this month, people are behind. Emails will go out to those who are behind. We need to let Jimmy know about the move by the end of the month if we are to use last months rent. With current dues its just within our means.

Sargent at Arms

Nothing to report

Director Reports


Nothing to Report

Space Design

See President's Report

PR and Fundraising

Since there is a bunch of things we want to byy for the new space, lets get some fund raising ideas. There is Kickstart. It's a service that allows people to donate money similar to Kiva. Let's create something clever like the Homeless Robot Ad to get people to donate. We need to brainstorm ideas for more classes to keep people interested. We don't want members leaving become they aren't “using the space”.


Nothing to report

Social Affairs

Nothing to report

Other Buisness

Art Club

Art reactor, time officially at 7:30 now. Looking for volunteers to alternate as leads for the group. Keeping it loose for now.

Electronics Class

Starting in April by Keith.

Other Discussions

Regarding heating and what not for the new space: Some of the things we are working on might require ventilation. We have windows that open, but it still would be nice to have.

Concerned expressed over security of personal projects. We have talked about the problem. An idea was to have a standard spec for a foot locker. Possibly require that the first project of a new member is to build one to store their stuff.

Who wants to make a Rube Goldberg device.

Meeting adjourned with introductions. Introduce yourself followed by the project you should be working on but aren't.

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