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Hobby Paints Rack

The problem:

One of my long-time hobbies is to paint miniature figurines for table-top wargames. Through the years, I have amassed quite a collection of paint colors during my years in this hobby.  I have struggled to find a way to organize those paints in a way that will make the paint bottles easy to reach while sitting at my workbench. I currently store them in a tool box and get out the colors that I want to use for that day's painting. I find that the bottles often clutter up my workspace because I don't put them back into the toolbox.  After knocking a few bottles over at the worst possible moment during the course of painting a model, I decided that a change was needed.  I have wanted to build a hobby paints rack for some time, hopefully to eliminate much of this disorganization in the workspace.

Hack Something Night

Hack Something Night is a regular Tuesday meeting feature where people get together and attack a thing or project and make some progress on it. This week there were several projects being worked on, pictures and summaries below
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